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Moose Rock Farm

The Farm

Moose Rock Farm was started in 2015 with a small herd of cattle and a few pigs and chickens. In 2016 the old Smith Farm in Barnstead was purchased and lovingly restored with all its charm of circa 1760. Today the farm focuses on Heritage Breeds that existed back in the era of the house. Heritage breeds tend to be hardier, slower growing, duel purpose, and great mothers. Our animals are raised natural, no hormones or antibiotics and fed natural grass fed diets.

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Here are some of the animals on the farm.
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We raise Milking Shorthorns and Braunvieh Beef Cattle
We raise Tamworth and Tamworth cross pigs
Heritage Breed Chickens - Buff Brahma, Deleware, NH Reds
We raise Leicester Longwool and LL cross Sheep
Casanova our Clydesdale Draft Horse


Farm Location

346 Peacham Rd Center Barnstead NH 03225
Phone: 603-397-7010